Input Formats

  • Our primary focus is LP vinyl, any size up to 12 inches.  Can do 16 inch vinyl on request and pricing will be determined by the job type.
  • Quarter inch tape can be Reel to Reel, cassette or 8 track tapes.  What we can do with the tape formats is predicated on the condition of the original tape.

Output Formats

  • Audio CD:  As with any off-the-shelf audio CD, it can be played in stand-alone CD players, boom boxes, HI-FI audio components, car CD players and computers with CD playback software installed.
  • USB Devices:  Flash drives and Thumb Drives are normally loaded using MP3 Pro format (other options such as FLAC, WAVE, or AAC are available on request), and delivered on a suitable USB Flash Drive that we provide or a drive that you supply.  If your source data is on a flash drive then the work you request will be returned to you on the original drive, if it is suitable.  The flash drive may be used to install the audio files to your computer, iPad and other similar devices.  It may also be played in the USB compatible HI-FI audio components and car audio systems.