Vinyl LaundryBasic Pricing

  • Single 10 and 12 inch LP albums transferred to CD (78 minutes of material)
    (includes washing, transfer, jewel case and artwork where available)
$40.00 per LP
  • Double LPs to CD (78 minutes of material and 14 tracks per CD)
    (extra tracks will be billed at $.50 per each additional track )
$50.00 per set
  • Reel to Reel Tape (7 inch Reel) to CD
    (multiple tapes can be compiled & transferred to 1 CD – 78 minutes
    maximum per CD)
$25.00 per Tape
  • Additional Tracks (78 minutes maximum per CD)
    (Please call or email for pricing)
$1.15 per track
  • CD Color Label (Please provide the information as you would like it)
$5.00 per CD
  • CD Copy of your non-copy-write CD
$5.00 per CD
  • Professional Keith Monks LP washing for 45’s, 10 and 12 inch LP’s
    (includes new acid free liner)
$6.00 per record
  • Jewel boxes pricing depends on style requested.
  • Reel to Reel tape prices depend on quality and length used.
  • Custom repair and extensive restoration will be billed at
$50 per hour

Vinyl Laundry