The Process

Nature and man contribute to the deterioration of the sound quality of LP vinyl.  Records acquire specific problems such as hiss, clicks and pops (in the form of dirt and scratches) as they are played and age.  Once processed, your LP will sound crisp and clear, as good as when new.  There is ONE CAVEAT, and that is condition of the audio material when it arrives.  If it is a mess, then there will be little gained by processing the material.  If it is a well maintained item then the end product will be a real treat to listen to.

Quarter inch tape, on the other hand (Reel to Reel, cassette, 8 Track ), dry out and lose lubricity as they age, then at some point become impossible to play or transfer to a new media. We are able to process these tapes, and in some, certainly not all cases, we can get one more play of the tape, capturing the audio media for transfer.

For vinyl, our “Clean only” and “Transfer” services start with a good cleaning using the Keith Monks machine and our proprietary cleaning solution.  If we encounter stubborn alien matter, then a manual spot cleaning is used before running the record back through the Monks laundry machine a second time.  If you are not familiar with the Monks machine, it applies a cleaning solution, uses a very fine brush to do the cleaning and then vacuums off all the debris with the spent cleaning solution. (See Equipment section for more info.)

When clean, the record will be played on a quality turntable and checked for audio clarity. Once we are satisfied that the vinyl is clean and quiet, it will processed for a CD  (A/D conversion) or placed in a new acid free jacket finishing the process cycle.

When transferring media, our technicians listen to your recordings and manually created the track breaks.  This process guarantees accurate track numbering and labeling .


The quality of the resulting digital media is highly dependent on the quality of the original material.  Media with physical damage or is poorly recorded must be sent for verification.  Extensive restoration tasks are not included in this service package and an hourly rate for restoration will be billed at $50 per hour.

Quality Materials

  • Audio grade CD media is used to obtain best results and maximum durability.  All media complies with the CD Red Book standard.
  • Cover art is scanned and printed on the CD case insert with track list.
  • LP’s are returned in new acid free paper sleeves.
  • We take pride in our product and we make sure no job leaves our studio without a comprehensive quality check.


Expedited processing is available for an additional charge. Standard processing is usually 5 business days plus shipping time for projects consisting of 5 originals or less.

Peace of Mind

We keep a digital copy of all work done so if there is a need for more copies or some how the material is lost by the customer, we will have the file on hand for 6 months.